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Men and Women with strong ethics committed to providing heathier diets respectful of the environment

Our organic recipe meeting your needs :

A large dose of experience dealing with organic French producers and food manufacturers for the past 26 years

12) A good amount of ethics and the commitment to succeed together shared within a SCOP

All prepared within optimised (British English not American) delivery timeframes

All prepared within optimised (British English not American) delivery timeframes

14) From starters to desserts, we deliver all the different types of organic products. With over XXX references in our portfolio, we can meet all your needs


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Sweet and savory groceries

Eggs and dairy products

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Veggan alternatives

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Working with us means becoming a player in a new economic approach where people are placed at the forefront of entrepreneurial construction

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Throughout France, the United Kingdom and Italy, Univert is your organic products supplier of choice.

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